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Sibling Rivalry: Satellite Style

So, how's the weather?

Hi- we're the Geostationary Weather Satellites!
Info page updated 6/10/06!

There are 3 of us and since we're all linked we'll be sharing this journal. We want to make sure that, just like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you get full coverage!

  • GOES-12 (aka GOES-EAST)- I'm 12 and let me tell you there is always a whole lot going on here. I monitor primarily the Eastern US and Atlantic ocean. Click here to see my schedule. My busy season is over the summer as *I* am the satellite that tracks all the important hurricane action in the Atlantic ocean.
    Launch date: 7/21/01
  • (I'm a Cancer!)
    EMAIL ME: goes12 @ gmail . com

  • GOES-10 (aka GOES-WEST)- 12 thinks she's all that because she tracks SOME hurricanes. Big deal- I've got Hawaii and California. My weather may be nicer but that just leaves me more time to do other things. (Did I mention 12 is full of herself?) Click here for my sched. Also, I <3 <3 <3 my boyfriend fuse_sat 4 EVAR!1111oneoneone
    Launch date: 4/25/97
  • (I'm a Taurus!)
    EMAIL ME: goes10 @ gmail . com

  • GOES-9 (aka GOES-PACIFIC)- Unfortunately my schedule is fairly boring as I just hover over the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. I am the main satellite involved in hurricane tracking for the Pacific- and I'm also used to monitor volcanic and tsunami action. As the oldest, I also look after the other satellites.
    Launch date: 5/23/95 (I'm a Gemini!)
    EMAIL ME: goes09 @ gmail . com

We also have one "inactive" sibling, 11 (launched 5/3/00, also a Taurus) and a new little brother! GOES-N (aka GOES-13) was just launched on 5/24/2006 (another Gemini). Our friend Meteosat-8 sometimes joins in on the fun as well. You can email him at meteosat8 @ gmail . com

To see our daily status, go here: http://www.oso.noaa.gov/daily-news/

Real-Life Boring Official Stuff: Unless otherwise specified, all creative works & writing on goes_sat are created (and copywrited) by helenangel.