GOES-9 (Pacific)

To our friend & some thoughts from 9

Happy birthday,

Thank you for all that you do and all of your hard work! All of us up here really appreciate it!

Um... 10 & 13 even made a picture for you... (Needless to say, my older sister has been a bit of a... silly... influence on our new baby brother *rolleyes*)

Anyway, keep up the good work!

~~ Goes-12 ~~
Goddess of Atlantic Hurricane Tracking

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*********TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED: switching***********

12 isn't the only one doing the hurricane tracking! 10 has been helping me with the busy Pacific hurricane season. Here's a little bit about what's been happening in my part of the world.

Also, we'd like to give a big welcome back to our brother GOES-11. He's been taken out of storage and helping 10 & I... Now 10 just needs to make him and 13 icons. Maybe we need a paid account since Meteosat occasionally pops in to join the fun? Heh heh.

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GOES-12 (East)

Back online with new developments

First, we would like to FINALLY welcome our little brother!

GOES-13 aka GOES-N was launched on May 24 at 6:11 pm EDT. We're still showing him the ropes but we'll let him get a word in every once in a while. While he will "technically" be in storage, he'll still be online in case we need him. 10 has nicknamed him "Neil" *satellite sigh*

Second, I am announcing the very first tropical system of the Atlantic Hurricane Season!

Tropical Depression One is located 75 km west of Cabo San Antonio in Cuba.

It is moving NNW at 9 mph and has maximum sustained winds of 35mph. One is expected to strengthen to tropical storm strength and advisories are being issued in Cuba. It will be over the southern Gulf of Mexico by tonight and is expected to already be affecting the keys and extreme southern Florida.

Click here to see my imagery of One!

~~ GOES 12 ~~
GOES-10 (West)

One Month Left

One month left of what has been the busiest Atlantic hurricane season on record. This season has produced 3 record-breaking storms: Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

One of my human friends, helenangel, is posting pictures of damage and the storm itself from a human-point-of-view on weathernerds. She also posted little video reports. This is one taken right after the hurricane went offshore but you can still see the tropical storm force winds:
DivX: http://www.dawankler.com/HelenWeather_2005-10-25_1330_ToAvi_all.avi

Wow. You humans have it rough down there. All we see are swirling cinnamon bun-like clouds. Of course, we know wind speed and intensity but all that is pretty academic when you see what it is really like for a human to experience that. It's like total ick. :-(

Our electronic hearts go out to all those who have suffered because of the natural disasters this year. We try our hardest to give you information so you can be prepared before it hits!

GOES-9 (Pacific)

Hurricane Rita Messes With Texas

Hurricane Rita is etched in history as one of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history. This will mark the third major hurricane to make landfall in the Gulf of Mexico this season: Dennis, Katrina, and now Rita.

It appears the biggest casualties in this hurricane will be the off-shore oil rigs.

The National Hurricane Center changed their strike probabilities as Rita appears to be on a more northerly track. While this is good for southern Texas, this is a crushing blow to an already embattled oil industry. Most of the off-shore rigs are located near the Louisiana/Texas border, which is where Rita is expected to hit. New Orleans, who is still picking up the pieces from Katrina, may have more problems from Rita if she stays on her current track. The further east Rita inches, the higher the probability of storm surge.

As you can see, Rita is already further east than the NHC has predicted.

All residents of the Florida panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas should keep a close eye on this very dangerous hurricane.

More updates later.

- GOES-9
GOES-12 (East)

Rita Threatens Keys

Mandatory evacuations were issued yesterday for the lower Florida keys. This afternoon the upper keys were also evacuated and the hurricane warning was extended northward to Florida City- encompassing Miami-Dade county as well.

Tropical Storm Rita is expected to strengten to a hurricane later today and hit Key West as a category 2 hurricane Tuesday evening. Rita is moving WNW at 12 mph and is about 400 miles ESE of Key West, FL.

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Brace yourselves, Texas- Rita might be headed for you next.

~~GOES 12~~
GOES-10 (West)



VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME! I wanna participate!

Type in goes_sat! Please please please please please!

Since 12 is up to her ears busy and so is 9 for that matter, I've been puttering on the internet lately. Seriously, though, 12 has just been awesome. You have no idea how hard that girl's been working lately. That's why you haven't heard from her lately (to answer your question wcg.

Anyway, I was popping about and my girl opportunitygrrl told me that we've been nominated for The Twelve Babes of Christmas LJ beauty contest!





So, OF COURSE, I emailed the guy straight away and accepted the nomination. I gave him my St. Paddy's day pic of me from last year and said I was totally okay with doing clothesless shots. After all, it's not like I really wear clothes every anyway. WOOT!

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GOES-12 (East)

Hurricane Katrina Prepares to Pummel Louisiana Coast

After driving through southern Florida, Hurricane Katrina has grown into an incredible storm. With sustained winds of 175 mph, Katrina is a very powerful Category 5 (the strongest) on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

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Katrina is already responsible for 7 deaths in Florida, and when it hit Southern Broward/North Miami-Dade counties it was only a weak category 1 hurricane.

Please send positive thoughts to our friends in Southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

~~ Goes 12 ~~
GOES-9 (Pacific)

All Eyes on Florida- but is there another storm in the wings?

Tropical Storm Katrina is strengthening in the Bahamas and looking like it might develop into a hurricane by the time it hits the Florida coast, sometime in the early hours of Friday morning.

That was fast! I commend our collegues at the National Hurricane Center for staying on top of this storm.

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Is there another potential depression in the carribean? It looks as though there is a wave organizing and gaining strength just east of the Lesser Antilles. This could become TD 13 and later, TS/H Lee.

Needless to say, I am making this update because 12 has her hands full at the moment.